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A monthly news magazine published at the Lake of the Ozarks, the Lake of the Ozarks Business Journal strives to provide accurate and relevant news and information for area readers. All stories and photos contained within unless otherwise attributed are produced by editorial staff.

Emails to the Editor are welcomed, provided a valid name, address and phone number are provided (we will not publish your phone or street address). Emails and comments may be edited for space, content or clarity without notice. All submissions become the property of Benne Publishing, Inc., and are Copyright 2018 as part of the magazine’s contents. Anonymous comments or letters will not be published.

Local businesses are invited to email relevant press releases for local events and news to the Editor for possible inclusion. Provided as a free service, we do not warrant all materials will be published and/or printed. Materials printed are done so on a space-available basis. A photo may be included.
Any photos included must be in jpeg format. Copy must be plain text or Microsoft Word (.doc) format.

We are not responsible for materials lost through mailing. We do not accept letters, comments, materials, press releases, etc., via phone or fax.

Email with enclosures to: lakebusjournal@gmail.com

All opinions presented herein are those of the originating author and do not necessarily reflect the views of Benne Publishing, Inc. or its employees.
Contents Copyright 2018, Benne Publishing, Inc.